At Capital Training College we have a proven track record of being very good at developing and delivering financial management training. 


We know that doesn't sound exciting to most - but developing a better understanding of accounting, business, finance, management and strategy is what we are passionate about.


We love the 'light-bulb moments' that happen in our training courses. We are able to ensure that the idea or concept introduced in the training room is translated into a participant's better understanding, and then being used or applied in the workplace.


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Make today a ‘light-bulb moment’. Call to arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss your financial, budget and risk management training requirements, a pilot workshop presentation or to request a quotation. Consider the possible management improvements we can help you achieve for your organisation. Remember, we offer a money-back guarantee.


My direct number is (+61) 04 1925 4006  or send an e-mail to me at for a speedy, direct and personal response. Click here for our Corporate Profile and Experience.


Kevin Riley  FCA  FCPA CPFA

Managing Director


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